The Life of Riley

I think I first heard this delightful idiom in elementary school. It seemed to me at the time that although I didn’t quite know who Riley was, I knew that she was living the absolute dream. Out living her best life, surrounded by joy and sunshine, with attentive hand servants meeting her every whim. So I am ecstatic to say – I have just recently met Riley and my childhood vision was amazingly accurate. This little joy bug was radiant in the warm autumnal sunshine and her hand servants (Megan and Brian) were meeting her every whim (promptly and with enthusiasm). Perhaps it’s because nothing could be more indulgent than a parent on picture day. But I can’t help but wonder, with cheeks so darling and squishy, how she could ever have an unmet passing fancy.

We met at the Treadway Gardens in Centerville surrounded by fall foliage and an amazing variety of pumpkins, fresh produce, and autumn baked goods. On the back of the field, where tall grasses soaked up the golden sunset, we set up little Riley next to decorative gourds and vintage wagons, waving her favorite baby doll behind my lens. She broke out into fleeting but endearing smiles when looking at her adoring parents and recovered at record speed after a slight tumble into a tipping pumpkin.

Megan and Brian – I had so much fun photographing your sweet darling girl and showcasing my baby-shark-on-repeat skills (all the while resisting the urge to kiss this baby’s delightful cheeks). I’m so happy to be able to capture Riley’s first Autumn!