The 5 Brides

The Beach Bride

The beach bride is vibrant like tropical waters

Sun kissed with light are the seas’ lovely daughters

Professing her vows with her toes in the sand

Salt breeze in her hair and seashells in her hand

Her heart like the current runs deep and runs strong

Her vibe as relaxed as the sunset is long

Destination or local, she adores the sweet notion 

Of wedding her love near the tranquil blue ocean

You’ll find this sleek mermaid in light flowing gowns

Adorned with a bright colored fresh floral crown

She’ll dance under moonlight and might misbehave

With her newly beloved by crashing tide waves

The Boho Bride

The boho bride is a fantastic blend

Of whimsical fun and strength from within

Her palate is neutrals and earth tones as well

She’s a genuine natural sweet mademoiselle

Eucalyptus adorns her whole bridal party

She sings with her heart and her uke only partly

Her vows take place under the vast open sky

Surrounded by tribe and small butterflies

Vintage cut dresses and grandmother’s lace

Rosy pink cheeks from the sun on her face

Travelling has taught her something so true

The greatest adventure is love and I do’s

The Elegant Bride

The elegant bride is delightfully savvy

Her gowns and her jewelry both stunning and classy

She carries herself with poise and with grace

A true fashionista of iconic great taste

There’s something so regal like a fine persian cat

She moves with the air of an aristocrat

Faux fur on her shoulders, silk gloves on her hands

A delicate diamond cut chic wedding band

Glides down the aisle to a soft string quartet

And stands at the altar with a sheath silhouette

She greets all her guests in her long promenade

Relishing the sights of her own masquerade

The Classic Bride

The classic bride envelopes tradition

Romance and first dance and some superstition

She relishes her old, her borrowed, her blue

She flawlessly showcases her white something new

Her heart longs for love, like that of a story

As pure as the dew on a pink morning glory

Feminine pearls and stunning lace veils

Part of a long line of wedding day tales

Pink rosebud lips and a poem in her pocket

She carries her grandparent’s old metal locket

She charms with her fresh fragrant floral bouquet

(And later that night in her black negligee)

The Glamorous Bride

The glamorous bride glistens and shines

Dusted with gemstones, her look is divine

Radiant sparkles catch light on her dress

Her queen like demeanor impresses her guests

She floats through her day in stiletto high heels

Anticipates the fun that the day will reveal

Sultry eyed bombshell, blush with nude lips

Effervescent as the glass of champagne that she sips

Her squad stands beside her ensuring that she

Has a most perfect wedding and matrimony

Diamonds are forever but she surely knows

True love is the fortune that this starlet chose

The 5 brides all gathered one beautiful day

Each one enchanting in her own special way

They knew from their hearts and knew in their minds

That another gal’s sparkle won’t diminish their shine

They lift up each other, this network of brides

For planning a wedding is a crazy fun ride

They all stick together like true sisters do

And now they must query which bride are you?

The 5 Brides Stylized Session

Models: Beach – Samantha Elegant – Michele Classic – Devin Boho – Rae Glamorous – Mariyam

Coordination: Carolyn Christine Photography

Location: Lost and Found Studio

Rentals: Lost and Found Rentals

Gowns: BoChic Bridal Boutique

Veil: BoChic Bridal Boutique

Flowers: Flower Man

Author: Carolyn Christine Photography