The Last Chapter: Portraits of a Senior Session

Senior sessions are some of my FAVORITE sessions to photograph. There are so many feelings swirling around. The Seniors are in a really exciting time in their life, getting ready to transition from a teen to an adult. A lot of them have visions of what the next few years will look like whether it’s college or travel. It’s the last school year before the big launch. The last time they will be able to see all of their friends everyday. The last time some of them will be staying in their home for some as they go off to college. A final chapter in the book of childhood.

And the parents! They are often watching from the sidelines as I photograph their Senior, dabbing their eyes as the whole span of their baby’s childhood washes upon them in big emotional waves. All of their milestones, from their first steps to the first day of school, all the memories of togetherness, the feeling of a small hand grabbing for theirs.

But a part that I REALLY love and enjoy about Senior Sessions is when my client brings along their best friends. The ones that cheered them on when things were great, and helped them up when things were not. These relationships are so special, and I am always thrilled to capture this bond for a set or two during the session.

Alyssa’s Senior Session was no exception. (She was excited, her parents were a *tad* emotional, and her friends were absolutely lovely). Her high school experience has been a positive one- filled with love of cheer, art & music. She is driven (much like her Momma) in the realm of academics and the accomplishments she has made and will continue to make. She is looking forward to starting her college education for her dream career – anesthesiology. But this last year, she really wants to spend as much time as she can with her friends.

And so, as she finishes one book she gets to start a new one. Fresh blank pages for her to write her story. Full of all of the adult milestones yet to come. But for now, she has one final chapter to write. And judging from her smile, I bet it’s going to be a great one.