Joe & Crystal Wedding

Nestled in the quaint community of Yellow Springs is a gorgeous hotel modeled after a 19th century home of a local settler, William Mills. The grand white walls against the colorful autumn leaves seemed illuminated in the misty October afternoon. The wedding ceremony was to be moved inside after concern of the unpredictable fall forecast and the diligent staff was in the midst of rearranging when I first arrived through the stately front doors of the Mills Park Hotel. I found Crystal in the bridal suite, with hair stylists and make up artists busily working on her gorgeous daughters and Crystal managing all of the excited children running around in her room. Because wedding details seem to represent and distinguish each bride the most, it is often the first thing that that I capture. As I started taking out all her accessories, her dress, her shoes, and her ring, I noticed how each item seemed so feminine and exquisite. From the soft pastels of her stunning dress to the complex detail of her ring, Crystal’s style was lavish and timeless – much like the love she has for her family.

Crystal & Joe were both loving parents of their own children prior to meeting and falling in love. Crystal has two (gorgeous!) older teenage daughters and a wild child son, and Joe’s two daughters could not have been more beautiful and sweet. Their wedding vows were not only to each other, but to their spouse’s children echoing the sentiment that this marriage was not just between two lovers, but two families. The recessional song that played as Joe & Crystal paraded through all of the cheering friends and family that gathered to watch was none other than The Brady Bunch. And the traditional dances during the reception had a new spin with each parent dancing with their children.

It was a lovely wedding, encapsulated with love, as every wedding should be. Crystal and Joe (and Chastidy, Kirsten, Avery, Amiya, and Alex), CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!