Penny’s 60th Birthday!

Penny stood in front of a large gathering, gazing out into the faces of her children, her parents, her siblings, her nearest and dearest family and friends.  Her eyes twinkled with excitment and love. Her husband Mike had the microphone in his hand and a large grin on his face, looking at his wife adoringly. The once racous room slowly became quite as the guests were eager to hear what Mike had to say about the love of his life, the guest of honor, Penny Miller. One thing that he told the crowd was about how important it was to Penny to be with her loved ones for this monumentous birthday, and that all she wanted was good friends, good food, and a lot of dancing. And from what I could tell by photographing her birthday, she got all three in spades.

From dancing with her daughters all night on the dance floor, to the surprise unveiling of the homemade pinata full of sweet notes from her guests made by her son, Penny’s adult children made sure to dote on their mother. Friends and family came to join her dancing as the DJ played all the favorites (and rumor has it that Mike & Penny may have been preparing for this night – practicing all the dances in their living room weeks before). But of all the happy faces that celebrated her, hugged her, and danced with her that night, the most moving thing about that evening was by far the love that she shared with her husband. The way their faces would light up when looking at each other was absolute magic. Watching them laugh and dance, it was no wonder that Mike threw his lady an amazing party.

Penny – Your 60th Birthday celebration was an attestment to the legacy of your life as a daughter and sibling, a wife, a mother, and a friend to so many lovely people. Congratulations on that legacy and I hope you will be looking back fondly on this birthday experience for years to come. Happy 60th!!