Celebrating Life is your Passion
Capturing the Beauty of it
is mine

Once a year, the Dayton Art Institute throws a lush and lavish celebration of two different spirits – the mellow aged bourbons and the bright sparkling wines and champagnes. The Shaw Gothic Cloister  and the Great Hall were prepped with perfection as guests starting pouring in dressed in stunning cocktail dresses, high heels, and bold […]

Bourbon & Bubbles

April 14, 2019

Penny stood in front of a large gathering, gazing out into the faces of her children, her parents, her siblings, her nearest and dearest family and friends.  Her eyes twinkled with excitment and love. Her husband Mike had the microphone in his hand and a large grin on his face, looking at his wife adoringly. The […]

Penny’s 60th Birthday!

November 3, 2018