Ethan Turns Two!

When we first arrived at Treadway Gardens for Ethan’s Two Year Old Portraits, I was so excited to see the tractor in their field – it seemed so fitting for some outdoor fall portraits. However, I’m positive that my excitement paled to the absolute delight that Ethan displayed when he saw the bright blue tractor plowing in the distance. And as the session progressed I soon realized that he is enthusiastic about anything with wheels, from the rustic radio flyer wagon we borrowed from the pumpkin patch to the wooden car they have set up among the bright autumn mums. In fact, to keep him somewhat still, putting him IN the wagon or the car proved to be an exciting experience for him. But of all the different ways that we found to keep this sweet little boy in one place long enough for some photos, I think his favorite was wrapped up in his Momma’s arms.

KC – watching you hold, chase, rescue, hug, snuggle, and play with your beautiful son was so much fun to photograph. As a parent of several current little ones, I know how much energy (and coffee) that entails. But I also know, as do most of us mothers, how fleeting these days seem to be. But I can tell, when you look at this child with so much love in your eyes, that you are savoring all of these sweet moments.