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Little Seia was bundled up when she walked into the warm studio, clutching the hands of both of her parents. The chilly February morning air left a tinge of pink on both of her cheeks as she looked around slightly unsure of the situation. But when her baby doll appeared amongst the items packed for […]

Seia’s Favorite Things

February 25, 2021

Almost one year ago, little Seia entered the world on one of the most festive days in the calendar year – St. Patrick’s Day. It seems quite fitting – this little girl likes to party (by party I mean dance/wiggle to Disney tunes and eat icing by the fist full). Judging from the mound of […]

Seia Turns One!

February 27, 2020

  Spring in Colorado is wild and whimsical. Morning could bring snow, which might melt in the afternoon sun, only to be followed by a surprise hail storm later in the day. Some say if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes. (Full disclosure: this can feel slightly intimidating to a photographer […]

Little Mountain Babe

April 6, 2019

The palate of winter colors in rural Ohio in late December were soft, muted, and gorgeous. The feathered blankets of white and gray clouds slowly misted upon the rolling hills of chestnut colored trees among the sepia and pistachio accent tones of the grasses. Needless to say, the drive¬†Bustle Farms¬†close to Cedarville off Route 42 […]

A New Year at Bustle Farms

January 9, 2019

When we first arrived at Treadway Gardens for Ethan’s Two Year Old Portraits, I was so excited to see the tractor in their field – it seemed so fitting for some outdoor fall portraits. However, I’m positive that my excitement paled to the absolute delight that Ethan displayed when he saw the bright blue tractor […]

Ethan Turns Two!

October 30, 2018