Maverick’s Shoes

It was the first week of January and the wind chill constantly reminded us. Kari, Tom, and I met up at Hills and Dales Metro park for a really REALLY special photography session. They wanted a gallery full of images and portraits to use for the most joyous and emotional journey of their life – the adoption process. They wanted portraits of themselves to use for the adoption profile. They had some hand made announcement signs. And they had some teeny tiny (adorable) baby shoes that they hoped and dreamed would one day be put on their child’s chubby little feet. They were full of so much hope and anticipation that it almost seemed to warm up the cold weather session.

But the adoption process is long and full of roller coaster emotions. Kari and Tom kept the people in their lives updated with Facebook posts – some exciting and some disappointing – but every one of them wrapped in hope. Then one fine day they finally got the call. They were going to be parents! Those big little shoes were about to be filled! We did a newborn session in February of 2021 as Maverick was just starting to get used to life.

Maverick’s adoption was finalized this month and Tom and Kari were ecstatic to officially share the news on their social media and share the pictures they had been saving since the beginning of the year. They celebrated at the very place that they started their journey – Hills and Dales. And now, let’s meet this precious boy.

Mav’s Top 10 Things (in no particular order)

1. His dogs Archer and Rust

2. Jumping in his Rainforest Jumperoo

3. His stuffed Manatee, Marv

4. Eating big people food like red peppers and mashed potatoes 

5. His horse, Clip Clop

6. Saying, Bah bah bah 

7. The book, The Pout Pout Fish

8. Going for walks in his stroller 

9. Being snuggled 

10. Smiling! 

Congrats to this happy family. No one could fill those shoes like this sweet boy 🙂