The Art of Love

Art Museums have always felt like they represented something sacred – an intimate connection between the viewer and the artist. Like peering into the depths of humanity in all of it’s forms and colors and emotions. Which is why I LOVE to photograph weddings at the Dayton Art Institute. The aesthetics are as beautiful and magnificent as the happy couple, and the celebration of art is complimented by the celebration of love. If art is described as ‘the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination’ then it would make sense that love would be an artform. Although love at first sight is real, it takes skill and imagination to not only maintain that initial spark but to fan it into a roaring fire.

Sara and Kevin celebrated their new chapter together surrounded by family in a small private chapel nook. They read their vows to one another through tears and through laughter. Witnessed by the four daughters they will raise together in their quaint Oakwood home. Encircled by the works of artist who, above all else, embody the essence of the power of human emotion and love.

Congrats Sara and Kevin – cheers to a lifetime of happiness!