Pretty Penny

First birthdays are always filled with so much joy. The milestones around this age seem endless, much to the delight of the parents and family. Their personality starts to bloom and reveal itself in a more discerning way. And around this age, little ones prefer to be on the move. Penny Jo was no exception. She was exploring with the curiosity of a bold young girl and did not stay still for very long (maybe just a few times when Dani and Adam were jumping around behind my lens). She had a perfect blend of sweet and sass (a family trait it seems) and was showing off some of her new walking skills with a smile that conveyed her excitement.

During her session, we were all taking about how fast the time goes by. It seemed like just a few months ago little Penny arrived into this world to the delight of Dani and Adam (and the absolute confusion of their pup Lucy) The idea of time being compared to wealth has always been intriguing. Time well spent is more precious than any bank account, and unlike money, irreplaceable. And as far as the first year of all the sweet wonderful moments with their daughter? I bet her parents would agree without question, they add up to a pretty penny.

Happy first birthday little girl. I hope your day is as whimsy as your curls and as bright as those baby blues 😉