A New Year at Bustle Farms

The palate of winter colors in rural Ohio in late December were soft, muted, and gorgeous. The feathered blankets of white and gray clouds slowly misted upon the rolling hills of chestnut colored trees among the sepia and pistachio accent tones of the grasses. Needless to say, the drive Bustle Farms close to Cedarville off Route 42 was absolutely beautiful. I walked into the old farm house and was immediately greeted by a Mud Room filled with bright colored boots of all sizes and the buzzing mayhem of a house full of cousins.


Elizabeth and Arnold have 9 grandchildren, all of whom were in town for the Holidays. The excitement level was full tilt as some of the children (and parents) were wearing  British Tissue Paper Crowns as they warmly welcomed me into their home. Three babies sat with their parents as one toddler and five school aged children ran throughout the house. The siblings all chattered enthusiastically, fighting through the exhaustion that comes with small children and the holidays. We walked through the back door to find an open vista and old weathered wooden bench that we sat close to the fence. Warm blankets were gathered and wrapped around the children as they all sat sweetly together watching the spectacle of parents yelling and whooping behind me to elicit smiles. It was a precious moment in time to have everyone gathered together and I’m thrilled we were able to preserve it such a charming setting.