The Duley Family

October and November have traditionally been popular months to schedule family portraits. It’s usually beautiful outside with gorgeous foliage and the temperatures are fairly mild. Everyone can layer in attractive sweaters or beautiful scarves.  Plus, it gives the parents time to order prints for Christmas gifts or use them as Christmas Cards. So when Robyn reached out to me to schedule a private family session on the second weekend in November, everything seemed like it was going to be wonderfully predictable.

Well, Ohio threw us a curve ball that morning. A freezing 20 degree curve ball.

Harper was a sweetheart, too excited to showcase her adorable dress and hair bow to complain about the temperature at first. Little Carter, however, was unimpressed. We scattered coat breaks into the session to make sure the kiddos stayed warm before surrendering to the frost and putting the kids in a warm van. It was then that I took advantage of warm (and happily restrained) children to get a few images of Robyn and Sean.

Robyn – I SO ENJOYED photographing your family, even though everyone was slowly losing feeling in their fingertips. I can not wait to get you all in front of camera again, perhaps a tad bit warmer next time! 🙂