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As the Ledford Family and I were walking down the path to the next location, their youngest son kept picking up acorns to show us. He was fascinated by these little oak tree nuts and was excited to share all the intricate details that he was discovering. His Mother smiled sweetly at him and his […]

The Ledford Family

September 20, 2020

When doing a portrait session with a toddler, you have to be Quick on your feet Loud and animated Completely flexible with expectations especially when asking said toddler to stay awake past her little bedtime for the golden hour lighting that photographers adore. I chased little Riley, I sang to little Riley (apologies to Megan […]

The Church Family

May 29, 2020

I think I first heard this delightful idiom in elementary school. It seemed to me at the time that although I didn’t quite know who Riley was, I knew that she was living the absolute dream. Out living her best life, surrounded by joy and sunshine, with attentive hand servants meeting her every whim. So […]

The Life of Riley

October 31, 2019

Around the first of June I met up with two impressive brothers who, at the suggestion of their Aunt Cat, decided to surprise their Mom with new portraits for her birthday. You might see these brothers around Heatherwoode Golf Course in their hometown of Springboro or perhaps at their summer job at Golf Galaxy. But […]

Sam & Luke

July 17, 2019

It is widely believed that of all the New York City boroughs, Brooklyn has the most heart. Maybe its the vibrant energy that emanates from a dense melting pot of the best food, music, and art (nestled in an immensely effervescent backdrop). Or perhaps it’s the rich history of the neighborhood illuminated with the magic […]

Brooklyn (The Extraordinary)

July 7, 2019

Sometimes as Mothers, we tend to hear and say the phrase “where did all the time go?” We gaze upon our not-so-little one’s faces and notice cheek bones replacing squishy baby cheeks, or look over in surprise seeing how tall our (once little) child is getting. Yet time marches on, our little kids grow up into […]

Liam & Mila

June 20, 2019

Amy came to me with the excitement level of a little kid on Christmas morning. “I have outfits, I have tutu’s, I even have a crown.” she exclaimed enthusiastically. “And I have you covered girl” I responded with complete delight. And so it was settled. Miss Kay was going to get her moment in the spotlight. […]

The Fabulous Miss Kay

June 17, 2019

It was a gorgeous day in late May, and the golden sun was working it’s way down the sky.  The grass at Russ Nature Reserve was thick, green, and hot from being bathed in sunshine all day.  You could almost feel the vibrant pulse of summer in the air (with summer vacation mere weeks away). […]

Tiffany & The Three Wild Boys

May 29, 2019

It was towards the end of our session, and Liesa had her son Braylon in his full Dayton Ducks gear. I photographed his batting helmet with a grimacing duck, his prized batting gloves that formed an image when he put his hands a certain way, the bright green uniform that hung off of his rapidly […]

Liesa & Braylon

May 1, 2019

The palate of winter colors in rural Ohio in late December were soft, muted, and gorgeous. The feathered blankets of white and gray clouds slowly misted upon the rolling hills of chestnut colored trees among the sepia and pistachio accent tones of the grasses. Needless to say, the drive Bustle Farms close to Cedarville off Route 42 […]

A New Year at Bustle Farms

January 9, 2019