Sam & Luke

Around the first of June I met up with two impressive brothers who, at the suggestion of their Aunt Cat, decided to surprise their Mom with new portraits for her birthday. You might see these brothers around Heatherwoode Golf Course in their hometown of Springboro or perhaps at their summer job at Golf Galaxy. But come fall, you’ll find these two on the beautiful campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Sam will be starting his Junior year as he diligently works towards his MBA. Luke will be a sophomore and is planning on attending the acclaimed School of Business. I can’t even imagine how proud she must be of these two – not only are they kind, smart, and complete studs, but they are also two of the most doting sons a Mother could ask for.

Around their necks they wore what appeared to be a silver chain with a small medallion. But upon further inspection, the medallion is a metal tracing of a finger print. The finger print of their beloved Father, Jim. Several Christmas’s ago, these two young men, their mom, and their family recently had endured the complete devastation of losing their father, suddenly and with no prior warning. As they continue picking up the pieces of a life that had been completely turned upside down, they have all experienced first hand that small comforts are sometimes the only comforts afforded to the grieving. The fingerprint of their Dad, a hero of a man, lies close to their hearts (the same strong vibrant hearts that are Jim’s greatest legacy- his two amazing sons) And after thinking about what a perfect symbol a fingerprint is, as they are left behind everything we touch in our lifetime, it seems fitting that what Jim touched the most were the hearts that surrounded him – his family, and especially, his boys.

Sam and Luke, you are both amazing young men. You have such bright futures ahead of you, a family that loves you, and the fingerprints of a man who couldn’t be more proud. Thank you for this session. You are completely inspiring.