Brooklyn (The Extraordinary)

It is widely believed that of all the New York City boroughs, Brooklyn has the most heart. Maybe its the vibrant energy that emanates from a dense melting pot of the best food, music, and art (nestled in an immensely effervescent backdrop). Or perhaps it’s the rich history of the neighborhood illuminated with the magic of childhood memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Coney Island, and the home of America’s first Roller Coaster, Hot Dog, and Teddy Bear. There is a one story though that usually stands out in terms of it’s rich heritage of story and folk lore. It was the Spring of 1884 when PT Barnum marched a 7 ton elephant Jumbo (followed by 24 elephants and camels) across the Brooklyn Bridge to illustrate to the once skeptical residents that the bridge was strong and safe. It seemed wild and daring, imaginative and inspiring. It seemed as though it almost encapsulated, in one single stunt, the entire vibe of Brooklyn. Utterly Extraordinary.

As far as an amazing name sake, I think lil Brooklyn A. is a lucky little gal. Not only was her Grandpa born and raised in Brooklyn, but her huge personality completely encompasses the captivating borough. Just like the neighborhood, she relishes the fine arts through crafts, drawings, and paintings. Just like the residents she is adventurous and bold. And just like the history of the borough of Brooklyn, she is full of surprises in the most remarkable way.

Here is Brooklyn in her element, photographed with her lovely Mom Joni and her adoring Aunt Stacey. Her session was as warm as a midwest summer evening but her demeanor the whole time was as pleasant as her sweet smile. I’m excited to find out all of the amazing things this young lady will do in her lifetime – because I know they will be extraordinary