Sean & Tanya Wedding

In the quaint little town of Granville, Ohio stands a stately white house nestled in between an ethereal pine forest and a vast field filled with tall grass and sturdy horses. The expansive back yard was bustling last Saturday as tables were being arranged and the tent gained a taco bar, a cocktail bar, and a DJ. As I walked around photographing all the fun and creative details on the tables a few themes seemed to be circulating – Tanya and Sean LOVE to travel and they REALLY love bicycles. It seemed both nostalgic and romantic and (being the first time that I have seen that theme in a wedding) completely inspiring. Travel feeds the soul when wanderlust sets in. And what better symbol to illustrate the balance of marriage than a bicycle? Moving forward takes endurance for certain, but the views from the journey are always worth the investment. Perhaps these principals inspired Susan B. Anthony’s observation of “She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life”. Yet in the soft rolling hills at the Orchard House, surrounded by the vibrancy of love and ever-afters, the bicycle quote of Christopher Morley “The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets” seemed to better encapsulate the vibe. Although I think he ostensibly forgot to mention that newlyweds should also be on that list.

Sean and Tanya proclaimed their vows standing on a soft bed of pine needles surrounded by their family. The warm June sun permeated through tall pine tree branches illuminating the couple as they stood, hand in hand, and were pronounced husband and wife. And as friends and family started arriving to the reception, sitting underneath the wide open blue sky sipping on signature cocktails and looking at the photos of the happy couple & their travels it seemed even more apparent that perhaps the greatest adventure of all, quite possibly, could be love. Or maybe that it doesn’t matter so much as to where you are going as who you have beside you. Either way, Tanya and Sean – may you be each other’s greatest adventure.


Venue: Orchard House in Granville Ohio

Caterer: Taco Bar by Dos Hermanos

Florist: Village Flower Basket

Cake Artist: Alyce’s Cake Lair

Hair & Make Up: Square One Salon

DJ: Mike G

Officiant: Dennis Krumlauf