Tiffany & The Three Wild Boys

It was a gorgeous day in late May, and the golden sun was working it’s way down the sky.  The grass at Russ Nature Reserve was thick, green, and hot from being bathed in sunshine all day.  You could almost feel the vibrant pulse of summer in the air (with summer vacation mere weeks away).  And these three brothers? VIBRATING with excitement.

The Ringmaster of this three-ring circus walks to the location I had found poised, graceful, and fully confident that her children would make their own way there (as they ran and climbed and explored the trails). When we get to the spot she beckons her sons and suddenly all three appear out of thin air, two of them running from the trail, one of them jumping out of a tree (seriously, how did he get up there so quick?!?). The eldest, David, does his best to follow directions. The middle, Mason, has the energy of a puppy that drank 3 espressos as tries his best to make everyone laugh. And the youngest, Aiden, had more important things to do than take photos. (I get it little dude. I get it). And then there’s Tiffany. Calm, laughing, hippie Momma Tiffany who looks onto her boys with pride, adoration, and sheer bliss. She gathers them like a lioness and suddenly her little cubs settle, if only for a short while. I do my best to take advantage of the next 30 seconds. And then the process starts all over again.

But when I was able to photograph how much these boys ADORED their mom, it warmed my heart to it’s core. You could just tell by how they treated her like an absolute queen how rich with love this family was. And how each boy showed their affection mirrored their little personalities. David was a rule follower and helper. Mason would make her laugh and pick her flowers. Aiden climbed onto her like a tiny koala. And she reveled in their presence. The lioness and her cubs. The Ringmaster and her circus. Tiffany and the Three Wild Boys.