The Fabulous Miss Kay

Amy came to me with the excitement level of a little kid on Christmas morning. “I have outfits, I have tutu’s, I even have a crown.” she exclaimed enthusiastically. “And I have you covered girl” I responded with complete delight. And so it was settled. Miss Kay was going to get her moment in the spotlight. Her time to shine. Her very own smash cake session (shared with her humans of course). It was, after all, her 13th birthday.

She showed up to her sunset session already exhausted. Amy and her two children Jackson and Alexa took turns carrying her to the field that I had found. And of course there were the outfit changes, the crown placement, the complete adoration of all of us watching her waddle around (slowly) to explore the predicament that we put her in. It was completely adorable.

So in honor of Kay and her 13th Birthday here are some of her favorite things:

  1. JEEP RIDES! She is a head out the window kind a gal (Jeep hair don’t care)
  2. Sun Bathing
  3. “Guarding” the yard. She thinks she’s tough. We think the tutu really relays this well.
  4. Cuddling with her blankets
  5. Sitting and waiting in the kitchen for her food to drop (she doesn’t look like she misses meals often)
  6. Bedtime, as this is also treat time
  7. Taking her time, with anything and everything

Kay, you have aged quite gracefully and I was so excited to celebrate with you 🙂