Dani & Adam Engagement (The Lucy Session)

Last Monday (exactly 4 months until they tie the knot) I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Dani & Adam but it was quite apparent that despite their best efforts, their darling pup Lucy (aka Lou Bega aka Bega) stole the spot light. This was not surprising. I knew she was going to be the star (after all,  this session had been dubbed “The Lucy Session” from the moment we planned it).

I met Dani, her Sister, and her Mom during a client meeting in the crowded brunch spot Butter Cafe on Brown Street. From the moment we met, I knew she would be a SUPER fun bride to work with and was excited when we booked the wedding. When I started explaining how an engagement session was included with the package she stopped me right there. “I’m not sure we have to do all that…” she mused while a plate of the most delicious looking pancakes were placed in front of her. “Well it is included, so if you change your mind we can set up a time. OR, we could photograph your Lucy!” I offered. You guys, I’m not kidding, Dani’s eyes LIT up. “I would love that!” And so it was settled.  We were going to do a Lucy Session. After all, Lucy has been Dani’s #1 fan since the very moment she was gifted to her.

Well ladies and gentlemen, Lucy did not disappoint. She primped, she prepped, she was ready for her close up. She may have been weary of my camera and it’s noises at first, but her cautiousness dissipated when Kari (sister-in-law and wedding planner extraodinaire) dangled dog treats behind my lense.

Dani, Adam, & Lucy – I’m excited for you all and to photograph your upcoming nuptials. You all were so much fun to work with and I know your wedding day is going to be full of joy and laughter (as it should be). And even though Lucy will be prancing around wearing fresh flowers, she will have to part ways with her Dani’s #1 fan shirt; I think I found someone who adores her even more 🙂