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There always seems to be one element of the wedding planning process that the bride really seems to adore. For some, it’s planning the party that their friends and loved ones will talk about for years. For others, it’s coordinating all the little details that tell their love story. For Carly, it was dreaming up […]

Carly & Jon (and Kallie, of course)

October 15, 2020

Gorgeous murals have been emerging all over the Dayton Area over the last decade (a LOT more have popped up over the last few years) adorning once blank cement walls with beauty and brilliance. Dayton is one of many cities that are showcasing this trend, beautifying city corners and strengthening the community bond. It has […]

Kathy & Joe Engagement

September 24, 2019

Last Monday (exactly 4 months until they tie the knot) I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Dani & Adam but it was quite apparent that despite their best efforts, their darling pup Lucy (aka Lou Bega aka Bega) stole the spot light. This was not surprising. I knew she was going to be the […]

Dani & Adam Engagement (The Lucy Session)

May 23, 2019

When true love strikes and hearts are stolen, there is a solid chance it might be because you are in a work softball league together. In one such summer league in Alexandria, Virginia, Kathy and Joe met just weeks before Kathy was planning on moving back to her hometown in Dayton, Ohio. As Kathy told […]

Kathy & Joe

February 9, 2019

When a bride comes to the engagement session with her and her fiance’s favorite champagne and two flutes wrapped up in her purse, I know several things immediately. The next few hours will be exciting She is my kind of gal Her fiance might be a phenomenal bartender In Tanya’s case, all three were true. […]

Tanya & Sean Engagement Session

January 12, 2019