Kathy & Joe Engagement

Gorgeous murals have been emerging all over the Dayton Area over the last decade (a LOT more have popped up over the last few years) adorning once blank cement walls with beauty and brilliance. Dayton is one of many cities that are showcasing this trend, beautifying city corners and strengthening the community bond. It has been said that a distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture. And with this framework in mind, I started thinking about the parallels of marriage. Each person could definitely be described as the architectural element and the relationship is that of the picture, created moment by moment, illustrating love, shared experiences, joys, challenges (the list could go on and on). Thinking in terms of life as an empty canvas, and we ourselves are the brushes, I can definitely say that Kathy and Joe have been creating quite the picture.

The first time we did a portraiture session was late summer of 2018. I learned at that time that because of the flexibility with their careers, the only requirement is a (easy to travel with) laptop. And so after their engagement in Autumn of 2018, they decided to experience the life of immersive traveling. They started in New York City in November and witnessed the Big Apple during the Holiday Season. Several months later, they went down south to warm up and celebrate Mardi Gras in Louisiana. Surrounded by the epic food, music, and southern charm of New Orleans for awhile, they ended their spring by venturing west. Way west. The Hawaiian Islands. Oh and a leisurely jaunt up the coast of California.

So for all of you married and/or coupled up readers out there – I know you can attest – traveling can sometimes be on the stressful side, unless of course both parties are the complete go with the flow type. But for the majority of us, a long term adventure would be challenging. The fact that these two not only made it, but THRIVED in each other’s company? I think that speaks wonders as to the relationship they will forge together. Kathy and Joe – You two are fantastic. I love your sense of adventure and your willingness to seek life outside of the box. I am so excited for your upcoming nuptials in April of 2020, and may your mural be decorated with even more exciting travels and experiences in the years to come.

Mural Artist Tiffany Clark: Owner & Muralist of The Mural Machine. Give her a follow on social media. She is completely amazing.