Dani & Adam

Friday the 13th of September was a warm, beautiful, and sunny day. Wedding guests were greeted by Lucy (flower crown and all) and trickled into the trail that led to a gorgeous meadow with a small wooden gazebo surrounded by chairs and a table full of sunglasses with a note that read “sit back and enjoy the moment/ Please no pictures or videos during the ceremony”. And so a small gathering of about 30 family members sat and witnessed, completely immersed in the present moment and surrounded by the fragrant wild flowers that bloom in the late summer in Ohio. And there under the gazebo, Dani and Adam exchanged their hand written vows that seemed to completely tell the story of their love, wrapped in humor and inside jokes. The fact that both of them were laughing through the entire exchange made it all the more endearing, illuminating the fact that these two LOVE to have fun.

Which leads me to my next point – the fact that these two chose to get married on Friday the 13th seemed to amuse them greatly although not entirely planned. But if a superstition is the belief that an object or action will have influence over one’s life, it would be fair to say that marriage could be placed into that category as well. Of the many reasons that two people decide to tie the knot, one reason seems to be universal – because it is important to them. The act of exchanging vows and rings among those they love and trust to symbolize their commitment to one another is important to them. The action of the vows and the object of the rings is a poignant reminder of this promise. And I truly believe that this day will have a monumental influence over their life (it was rumored that these two enjoyed their reception celebration so much, they promised to get married again to each other soon)

Dani and Adam – thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day. From the getting ready sessions to the party bus, the first look to the formals, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph your wedding day. And if it’s true that you two will get hitched again for the party I promise I’ll sit back and enjoy the moment, no pictures or videos during the festivities.

Venue: Charleston Falls

Flowers: The Flower Man

Dress: Dress for a Day Bridal

Seamstress: Vintage Thread

Limo: West Wind Limo

Wedding Planner: Kari Diemunsch