Harrison & The Special Guest

Nestled between the rolling hills and dales of West Kettering and the Great Miami River stands a stately tower in a large grassy field composed of white granite stones and 57 bells housed in it’s expansive belfry. Dayton’s own Carillon Bells, built in 1942 from the generous donation of Edith Deeds after discovering the magnificent instrument in Bruges, Belgium, has rung faithfully through the hill sides of south Dayton for the last 77 years. As history suggests, the bells were once a cornerstone of a thriving European village in the 17th century, offering comforting melodies when times were good and warning sounds when times were not. Sometimes they would alert the village of the arrival of a special guest or possibly an intrusion. Which is why I found it so absolutely fitting to take little Harrison, all of 2 years, to Carillon Park for the family maternity session.

Harrison is the sweet darling child of Maria & Eric. He was kind enough to wait until the day after his own baby shower to arrive (weeks) early into the world and has been surprising his parents ever since (it has been established that he has a strong affinity for pranks, especially directed to his father). He will meet his new baby brother in November and possibly sooner if little bro follows in the footsteps of his big brother. And as to whether Harrison decides that the newest addition is an intruder or a special guest, I can attest from his kindness and proclivity for spontaneous giggles, he will most definitely choose special guest.

Maria and Eric, a BIG congratulations to you both! Pregnancy is such a fun and exciting time (that goes by strangely fast after the first child is born) and we can not wait to meet the newest arrival!!