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When Brooke reached out to do a Maternity Session, I was so excited to see her, her husband Matt, and especially their darling little girl again. The last time I had seen little Enola, she was a sweet tiny little newborn. The time before that was her Momma’s Maternity Session. (And the time before that, […]

Brooke’s Maternity Session

September 12, 2023

When Alex found out she was pregnant, her Mother immediately knew she was pregnant with twins. Although twins run in her family, they are still rather rare (What to Expect rates it at about only 3%). But what I think is even more amazing is that these little ones are scheduled to come in early […]

The Gemini Twins – A Spring Maternity Session

May 13, 2023

Everything about the Maternity session for Tara looked straight out a Fairy Tale. Her long wavy blond hair almost glistened in the last remaining light of a late Autumn’s day. The floral wreath looked as though it came from the wildflower field behind her. Her dress was the perfect shade of a soft nude pink, […]

Fairy Tales & Baby Bumps

September 21, 2020

Anyone who has ever had the absolute pleasure of meeting Joanna knows several things. First, she is so chill she makes your yoga instructor seem uptight by comparison. Second, she and her husband Seth are FULL of surprises while casually depicting the adventures they have had throughout the years. And third, Joanna views the world […]

Joanna’s Biggest, Grandest Adventure

October 31, 2019

There is a predominant mindset in the Midwest that Autumn is the best season. Now I know you run into the random that loves summer (moi) or those who revel in the winter (though they may be few). Pretty much everyone appreciates Spring as it means the brutal winter temperatures are finally over. But the […]

Stephanie’s Autumn Maternity Session

October 16, 2019

Nestled between the rolling hills and dales of West Kettering and the Great Miami River stands a stately tower in a large grassy field composed of white granite stones and 57 bells housed in it’s expansive belfry. Dayton’s own Carillon Bells, built in 1942 from the generous donation of Edith Deeds after discovering the magnificent […]

Harrison & The Special Guest

September 7, 2019