Joanna’s Biggest, Grandest Adventure

Anyone who has ever had the absolute pleasure of meeting Joanna knows several things. First, she is so chill she makes your yoga instructor seem uptight by comparison. Second, she and her husband Seth are FULL of surprises while casually depicting the adventures they have had throughout the years. And third, Joanna views the world the the lens of a true artist. From her stunning instagram composition to her amazing blog pieces, her delivery is full of purpose and wonder. And I am absolutely convinced that all of these traits will translate seamlessly into her new chapter of life – Motherhood.

Now back to these adventures that I mentioned. I’m not talking about a several week vacation abroad with itineraries and sunset selfies. I’m talking about when Joanna and Seth took a week long motorcycle trip through the countryside of Namibia, Africa guided by a real life Indiana Jones. Or when the went to the isolated deserts of Mexico to race the Baja 1000. Or when they entered into the Alcan 5000, a “road rally that starts in Seattle, winds its way around for a big long while, finally dropping into Anchorage 5000ish miles later for the finish.” This was described by Joanna as “the biggest, grandest adventure of all time” and from her story, it sounded extraordinary. Their thirst for adventure was unquenchable.

As of March of 2019, they are about to embark on an adventure of pure love AND a quest to find *every ounce* of patience from the recesses of our entire being. Parenthood. I think we can agree on a few things. Joanna will be a beautiful mother instilling poetry and prose into the magic of the childhood of their sweet baby son. And Seth will come up with a genius way to safely include him in the escapades from here on out. But either way, it is safe to say that it will be the “biggest, grandest adventure of all time”

Joanna and Seth, Congrats to you both!!