The Gemini Twins – A Spring Maternity Session

When Alex found out she was pregnant, her Mother immediately knew she was pregnant with twins. Although twins run in her family, they are still rather rare (What to Expect rates it at about only 3%). But what I think is even more amazing is that these little ones are scheduled to come in early June. And if you are familiar with astrology, that is when the Gemini constellation is behind the path of the sun. Gemini, the latin phrase for twins.

The story of the Gemini Constellation is rather varied. Ancient Greeks named them Pollux and Castor, best friend twins who were granted immortality together in the sky. In China, they represent the opposing natural forces of yin and yang (very applicable as these twins are a girl and a boy). But in the Bajwa household, this constellation might represent how Dave and Alex will have twice the joy, twice the giggles, twice the little hands to hold, and twice the love to give.

And from what I know about this amazing adoring couple, they have plenty of love to share with these two lucky Gemini Twins.

So looking forward to meeting these two precious babies Alex & Dave (and I know you are too)