Stephanie’s Autumn Maternity Session

There is a predominant mindset in the Midwest that Autumn is the best season. Now I know you run into the random that loves summer (moi) or those who revel in the winter (though they may be few). Pretty much everyone appreciates Spring as it means the brutal winter temperatures are finally over. But the arrival of Fall, especially after the intense heat of the summertime, is literally a breath of fresh crisp air. Mums and golden rods, pumpkins and decorative gourds, jeans and hot ciders, bonfires and flannel. It really is a special time, though fleeting. Perhaps that is why it feels so special, because we know it is a transient period of time. Much like pregnancy I suppose.

Stephanie and Raul are expecting their son Max in November and little Miss Addie celebrated her birthday earlier this month. With both kids having Autumn birth months, they will experience their birthdays during a season that is vibrant, colorful, and the tail end of 4 straight months of solid vitamin D exposure. But according to a fun article from Romper, there are a few other things they might have in common too.

Fall Babies are Happy Babies (according to a TIME article published in 2017)

October babies are notoriously charming and charismatic

November babies tend to make good friends

I would say these three things bode well for the relationship of Addie and her new baby brother (and as sweet as Addie is, I couldn’t imagine it any other way). So Stephanie, you are on the home stretch. The final season of pregnancy. I hope these next few weeks go smoothly as you and Raul anxiously await the arrival of your son. Soon that lil pumpkin will be here. And then you both will officially have two happy babies, and the charming Miss Addie will have a really really good friend.