Tanya & Sean Engagement Session

When a bride comes to the engagement session with her and her fiance’s favorite champagne and two flutes wrapped up in her purse, I know several things immediately.

  1. The next few hours will be exciting
  2. She is my kind of gal
  3. Her fiance might be a phenomenal bartender

In Tanya’s case, all three were true. We started the session at the Franklin Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. As we walked through each Biome, I walked behind this gorgeous couple and smiled as passerby’s would tell Tanya how beautiful she looked in her jade dress and her custom floral crown. After touring this gorgeous facility (and naturally right as the January rain started to sprinkle) we relocated to a very special location. The spot where Sean proposed and Tanya said absolutely.

As the story goes, the proposal was inspired by Phil Kessel’s OT unassisted shot on goal in the Penguins v Blue Jackets game. Witnessing this win together at Nationwide Arena and as a longtime Penguins fan, Sean believed that this was a sign from the great beyond. As the crowds poured out of the facility and into the charming brick streets of the Arena District, Sean proposed.

We found a bench outside the Arena as Sean (professionally) uncorked the bubbly. As they laughed and sipped their cocktails under Tanya’s umbrella surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights and rain puddles, I decided that there are two types of couples. Those that drink champagne in the rain and those that do not. Tanya and Sean – the way you look at each other, the way that you LOVE each other’s company, and the pursuit of a good time that drives you both will absolutely and unequivocally transpire into a beautiful marriage. Congrats you two. Slainte!