Carly & Jon (and Kallie, of course)

There always seems to be one element of the wedding planning process that the bride really seems to adore. For some, it’s planning the party that their friends and loved ones will talk about for years. For others, it’s coordinating all the little details that tell their love story. For Carly, it was dreaming up the perfect portraiture for the Save-the-Dates.

Inspired by a blend of Hollywood and East Coast fashion, Carly was the mastermind behind the set location and vibe. Her squad was there by her side, and after helping her with her first wardrobe change, her fiancé Jon was mesmerized. Through the first set (not pictured so as to keep it a surprise), their Pup Kallie watched with amazement, eager to reunite with her two favorite humans.

Carly & Jon – thank you for the opportunity to explore the creative world of photography. I hope you enjoy this year of engagement together. I hope you have plenty of good movies to snuggle up and watch together with Kallie Berry. And Kallie – I hope Momma always saves some popcorn for you, pretty girl.