Kathy and Joe: An Oregon District Wedding

I pulled up to a beautiful brick home in the Historic Oregon District that was nestled under a canopy of bright orange and yellow maple leaves. Inside was bustling, as are most locations where the bride is getting ready. The two Mothers were working harmoniously in the kitchen while bridesmaids were upstairs putting finishing touches on their hair and make up. Darling little cousins popped in and out of rooms looking absolutely precious in their formal attire. And Kathy and Joe, laid back and happy as ever, were counting down the hours until the ceremony that was finally going to happen.

This was, after all, the THIRD wedding that they had planned. But this was the one that would finally tie the knot.

They decided to have their ceremony in their neighborhood at the quaint gazebo in Newcom Park. Kathy walked to the gazebo arm in arm with both of her parents as Joe stood by the bridal party with the unmistakable smile of a groom who has seen his bride for the first time. Surrounded by family and married by friends, they exchanged their vows as the soft melodies of the string quartet Viva La Strings filled the air.

And after the ceremony, as everyone gathered in their gorgeous back yard around tables to catch up with one another, it seemed completely fitting that this couple should have such a relaxed and intimate wedding (although the rescheduled reception party is sure to impress).

Kathy and Joe, congratulations on your nuptials and I wish you all the love and adventure in a long and happy marriage!