The Ledford Family

As the Ledford Family and I were walking down the path to the next location, their youngest son kept picking up acorns to show us. He was fascinated by these little oak tree nuts and was excited to share all the intricate details that he was discovering. His Mother smiled sweetly at him and his older brother, indulging in every observation. Her two sons were the primary reason why we were there, after all. She seemed to savor every moment, looking at her boys that will slowly grow up to be men.

“I knew I needed family pictures before my oldest is taller than me,” she laughed as I stood the whole family together. He was pretty close in height and had the look of a young man about to sprout up 3-4 more inches over the course a year as some teenagers are known to do (and to the delight of his athletic coach, I’m sure).

As time slowly winds on, and as these two young sons grow into amazing men, I’m happy I was able to capture some moments for their parents to remember these days. Childhood is similar to the frenzy of growth from an acorn to a large oak tree, and in my opinion, just as majestic too.