The Paper Anniversary

There are several theories about why the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper. Some say it symbolizes a blank slate of which to create a story while others claim that, like paper, the first year of marriage is delicate (though naturally strengthening over time). But one of my favorite explanations is that paper is timeless. For thousands of years, love letters, poetry, sketches, and music have all been exchanged between lovers, encapsulating the passionate core of our human existence. And now, in our digital age where our texts and photos get buried under the sheer magnitude of our personal data, paper stands immortal.

For their first wedding anniversary, Sean decided to gift his bride paper in the form of photographs. And under the warm June sun, exactly one year after exchanging their vows, I had the pleasure of photographing Tanya and Sean – with the same smiles and shanangans I’ve come to know and expect.

Happy Anniversary you two!