Little Mountain Babe


Spring in Colorado is wild and whimsical. Morning could bring snow, which might melt in the afternoon sun, only to be followed by a surprise hail storm later in the day. Some say if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes. (Full disclosure: this can feel slightly intimidating to a photographer from the Midwest) So when Rachel and I scheduled a session a month prior, we knew that there was a distinct possibility that it could either be 70 degrees and gorgeous or freezing and mid blizzard. Luckily for us, it was post blizzard. And luckily for little miss Evie, she is a complete fan of snow.

Evie moved to Colorado a year ago, and has been loving her new life in the Rockies. From the sounds of her hobbies, she is fitting in quite nicely for a place that has held the title of “most active state” for many years in the running. She loves going on family hikes and frequenting the multiple amazing parks around the area. She has inherited her love for climbing from both her parents, Rachel and Cullen, ¬†climbing walls at the gym and the parks. And naturally (i.e. thankfully) she LOVES playing in the snow.¬† Meet Evie, Little Mountain Babe