Seia’s Favorite Things

Little Seia was bundled up when she walked into the warm studio, clutching the hands of both of her parents. The chilly February morning air left a tinge of pink on both of her cheeks as she looked around slightly unsure of the situation. But when her baby doll appeared amongst the items packed for her portrait session, her brown eyes lit up with joy.

Seia was not just doing a 2 year old portrait session. She also had a big announcement planned – she had officially started big sister training. This little baby doll was a symbol of something completely magical that was about to happen in a few months time. A built in best friend, partner in crime, and newest twig on the family tree is expected to arrive in July, and Seia was excited to share.

But preparing for her new role doesn’t consume all of this little girl’s time. And to ring in Seia’s second year, here is a list of her top 10 most favorite things:

10. Baby Shark

9. Cocomelon

8. Jumping on the trampoline

7. Noodles

6. Swimming

5. Dancing

4. Baby Dolls

3. Tickles

2. Music

  1. Mama and Daddy

Happy Birthday Seia! Congratulations on your new status of Big Sister!

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