BoChic Bridal Boutique

I opened the beautiful rustic door to BoChic Bridal Boutique, nestled in the infamous Reading Bridal District, and stood in the entryway in complete awe. Every square inch of the cozy space was completely perfect, from the carefully curated displays to the STUNNING gowns that lined the space, each one unbelievably gorgeous in it’s own way. The vibe in the shoppe felt charming and relaxed as a sales associate helped a beaming young lady in an exquisite white gown step onto the stool in front of a large ornate mirror. Her sister and several friends sat on the couch behind her and echoed the excitement of the bride as her mother dabbed the corners of her eyes.  

Manal Shteiwi opened the doors of her very own BoChic Bridal Boutique in November of 2017. What started as a vision in 2015 had suddenly became a reality in the spring of 2017 when she had the opportunity to transform a vacated blank space into a gorgeous showroom. And with a background in business and fashion marketing and management from UC as well as the Art Institute of Cincinnati, this wasn’t so much a challenge as it was an exciting part of the process. 

Manal knew she wanted to start a boutique with formal gowns but ended up falling in LOVE with bridal gowns. She started with 40 carefully selected gowns and now has over 150. When asked what she believed was the biggest reason for growth, she talked about the structure and leadership of the boutique. From what I witnessed in the short time we had together, I could only imagine that this ranges from her meticulous and constantly evolving creative visions to the warm friendly experienced sales team. And as more and more bride-to-be’s experience the elegance of her boutique, the uniqueness of the gowns, and the helpful relaxed energy of the team, referrals have been a large reason for growth. 

“I love that we are a smaller boutique, warm and welcoming, and not overwhelming. And the name BoChic (Boho + Chic) really seems to attract the demographic that we can relate to in multiple different ways”

When selecting the gowns, Manal really treasures quality over quantity making sure that each dress is brilliantly unique. She is hopelessly drawn to details of lace, intricate patterns, and elegant sparkles – these whimsy themes are not only found in her gowns but also her accessories, shoes, robes, and jewelry that adorn her boutique. She selects each gown straight from the runways at “Market” in Chicago and from designer trunk shows. And let me tell you, her taste is absolutely exquisite.

Manal expressed that the ability to assist a bride with one of the most expensive and important garments that they will wear in their lifetime feels special and meaningful, and she adores being a part of that process. And what does this experience look like? It starts with booking an appointment through their website Each appointment is relaxed, warm, and welcoming with plenty of space for family and friends. A new private room is now available to book for the ladies who want to make her appointment more of a special and private event. And between the staff, the owner, and the beautiful curated environment, BoChic bridal will exceed all expectations, especially when they pop the bubbly when you say Yes to the Dress. Buying a wedding dress can feel overwhelming at times, especially when you are in the throws of wedding planning. But when you are in the experienced hands of a local business boutique owner, artist, and interior designer who states that she is honored to “change bride’s lives one dress at a time” all you need to do is relax and enjoy the moment.