Dreaming with The Dillons

The first time I met Lauren, I was in my back yard. The house next door to ours had been on the market for some time and my husband and I were anxious to find out who was going to be the brave individual to buy this large 1923 four- square fixer upper. There had been quite a lot of showings, but absolutely no movement. Then one day I saw some commotion in the neighboring yard. A young woman was walking around with several other people pointing at random items around the perimeter of the house and, although I couldn’t quite hear what she was saying, I knew in my heart that she was sharing her vision for the BIG changes that she was about to make. She was confident and assured. She had a lot of things that she wanted to accomplish, I was sure. I knew at that moment that this was the person that was going to restore the old neglected house back to it’s original beauty.

Sure enough, the following months we got to know Lauren and her husband Tyson mostly from our close proximity to their almost daily projects that they were doing inside and outside. Slowly, project by project, they transformed the house that was once the ugliest on the block to a gorgeous masterpiece. Lauren’s keen sense of style lended itself to creative design projects with picture perfect decor and palates coupled with her husband Tyson’s innate ability to DIY pretty much anything.

When I heard that Lauren decided to go into Real Estate, it seemed that this was such a perfect mixture of her true passion – creating dream homes. As the Dillons start from scratch after moving to a more rural area into a house that will eventually be their forever home, I can only imagine that Lauren and Tyson will transform the older farm house into a complete work of art. With the arrival of their baby girl last autumn, Lauren has successfully been juggling Motherhood and a Career with grace and poise. Watching Lauren methodically bring all of her personal dreams into fruition has been my absolute pleasure. And I truly believe that she will make all her clients dreams come true too.