A Groovy Kind of Love

Amy and Nick stood hand in hand facing the crowded reception venue. Their favorite people were all there, cheering, clapping, and whooping for the newly weds. We could all tell they were both overcome with emotion. Nick was smiling ear to ear and Amy was literally hopping up and down with excitement. They did it. They made it. Their wedding day had come. And it was a long time coming.

Most couples have the long anticipatory wait before the big day, checking things off their to – do list together. But Nick was stationed overseas for a majority of 2022 making the wait all the more intense. (I still remember the text I received from Amy letting me know he had arrived home safely. I was so excited to hear they were reunited with each other and with their new blended family) All that joy and relief was palpable the entire day of January 19th. Celebrating marriage, a new start, a new chapter of course. But also celebrating being together. Their first dance was Phil Collin’s rendition of “A Groovy Kind of Love” and I thought it was beautifully touching. All they need is to be in each other’s arms and everything else fades away. Maybe it’s because they remember all the nights they spent away from each other. Or maybe it’s because they are so happy they found each other. Either way, it was such an honor to celebrate this perfect day with them. Congrats Amy & Nick!!