Silas Newborn Session

Little Silas arrived to the studio with style…and an appetite. Usually the first 15 to 20 minutes of a newborn session is centered around feeding (love those milk drunk babes) so that we can burp, change, and swaddle to start the session. But Silas is a growing boy and needed much longer than 20 minutes. In fact, he was ravenous the entire session. His sweet Momma Kelly took it all in stride and nestled into the little private feeding corner in my studio several times. And luckily both of the parents were able to stay a bit later so we could get a few more images for their gallery. But there was something that stuck with me about that session. Maybe it was that newborn frenzy of growth that mirrors the Springtime in March and April as the roots start waking up and green sprouts start popping up out of the Earth. Perhaps it was how enthusiastic Silas was to seek the nourishment that he needed to thrive (really love that energy). But either way, as we placed the winnie-the-pooh stuffies around his tiny little crib, it was so darling to think about how he was the perfect little piglet.

A big congrats Kelly and Steve! He was definitely worth the wait <3