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Little Silas arrived to the studio with style…and an appetite. Usually the first 15 to 20 minutes of a newborn session is centered around feeding (love those milk drunk babes) so that we can burp, change, and swaddle to start the session. But Silas is a growing boy and needed much longer than 20 minutes. […]

Silas Newborn Session

March 29, 2024

When Brooke reached out to do a Maternity Session, I was so excited to see her, her husband Matt, and especially their darling little girl again. The last time I had seen little Enola, she was a sweet tiny little newborn. The time before that was her Momma’s Maternity Session. (And the time before that, […]

Brooke’s Maternity Session

September 12, 2023

It was the first week of January and the wind chill constantly reminded us. Kari, Tom, and I met up at Hills and Dales Metro park for a really REALLY special photography session. They wanted a gallery full of images and portraits to use for the most joyous and emotional journey of their life – […]

Maverick’s Shoes

August 26, 2021

October and November have traditionally been popular months to schedule family portraits. It’s usually beautiful outside with gorgeous foliage and the temperatures are fairly mild. Everyone can layer in attractive sweaters or beautiful scarves.  Plus, it gives the parents time to order prints for Christmas gifts or use them as Christmas Cards. So when Robyn […]

The Duley Family

November 21, 2018

Autumn in the Midwest is such a special time of year. The vibrancy of the foliage and the crispness of the air seem to draw us out into nature in droves. It was no exception a few weekends ago when I met up with The Steele Family at Cox Arboretum. Families walking with their children, […]

The Steele Family

November 16, 2018